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The Pezcoller Foundation ECCO Recognition for Contribution to Oncology

2013 Awardee

The 2013 Pezcoller-ECCO Recognition for Contribution to Oncology is being presented to Anita Margulies for her contribution to the field of oncology for both European nursing and the subsequent impact on patient care.

Anita’s profile is different to previous Pezcoller awardees in that as a nurse she has contributed to research primarily through evidence dissemination and implementation of best practice. One of Anita’s discerning attributes is her ability to work across disciplines, working with a variety of professional and medical disciplines to smooth the way and to get the job done.

The following are three examples of substantive areas of contribution that demonstrate how her work has influenced care, improved practice and contributed to oncology:

  1. Anita was instrumental in developing extravasation guidelines in 2008 through an EONS toolkit. She led this project to produce a guide for nurses which has been widely adopted across Europe, helping prevent damaging side effects for patients across many cancers and countries. The guidelines were revised in 2012 under the auspices of ESMO/EONS, bringing it to a wider audience. It was published in the Annals of Oncology.

  2. Target project in 2009: Anita led this project to develop an educational resource and programme for nurses to enhance competence in managing emerging targeted therapies for both delivery of such therapies, as well as recognising and managing adverse side effects. This work package was rolled out across Europe in a variety of European languages, with over 100 nurses undertaking the courses. It was later revised to include new targeted drugs. This work aided faster implementation of new oncology products by helping nurses recognise the differing side effect profiles and enhance patient outcomes by reducing preventable adverse effects.

  3. Anita led continuing professional education for nurses within Switzerland from 1976 onwards, as well as the ESO master class in the last three years, providing updates and coaching for many nurses over a long period. This mentoring has helped practitioners enhance their skills,
    Finally Anita’s contribution to oncology nursing has been through her care working with oncology patients from 1966 until 2010. Furthermore she is a passionate volunteer and is well deserving of this award.

The Award will be presented to Anita Margulies during a formal ceremony in Rovereto (Italy) on Friday 13 September. The Award lecture will be delivered at the European Cancer Congress 2013 in Amsterdam, during a Presidential Session on Sunday 29 September.


2011 Awardee

In 2011, the Pezcoller Foundation – ECCO Recognition for Contribution to Oncology was presented to Professor Jens Overgaard from Aarhus, Denmark, in recognition of his leading role in experimental oncology and translational research in radiation oncology as well as his outstanding contribution to promote multidisciplinarity and evidence based approaches in oncology and more specifically innovative treatments for Head and neck and Breast cancer, as well as the establishment of new therapeutic standards.


Professor Jens Overgaard is currently the head of the Department of Experimental Clinical Oncology at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark. He has forged a stellar career marked by groundbreaking clinical research that has altered standards of cancer care around the world.

Professor Overgaard has made enormous contributions to the field of cancer, as he was the first to show clinically that the experimental radiation sensitizer Misonidazole is beneficial in head and neck cancer, thus validating the importance of hypoxia as a radioresistance agent. He is also recognised as one of the first international investigators to show that hyperthermia is a useful adjunct to radiation and chemotherapy.

The award consists of a prize of 30.000 EUR and a commemorative plaque. 

The Award was presented to Professor Overgaard on the occasion of a ceremony in Rovereto (Italy) on Friday 9th September. The Award lecture was be delivered at the European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress in Stockholm, during the Presidential Session of Sunday 25 September 2011. 

Professor Overgaard earned his medical degree from the University of Aarhus in 1971. He then served as assistant professor in the university’s Department of Cell Biology from 1972 to 1975. The following year he completed his residency in radiation medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and served as a clinical research fellow at Harvard Medical School. He returned to the University of Aarhus in 1977 and worked as a clinical research fellow in radiotherapy until 1980, when he became a senior research fellow in experimental radiotherapy and oncology at the Institute of Cancer Research. In 1982 he earned his doctorate of medical science from the University of Aarhus, and also became the head of the experimental radiotherapy and oncology section of the Danish Cancer Society in Aarhus.

He has been Head of the Department of Experimental Clinical Oncology at Aarhus University Hospital since 1987.

2009 Awardee

In 2009, the Pezcoller-ECCO Recognition for Contribution to Oncology will be presented to Doctor Françoise Meunier for her outstanding contribution as a scientific leader and mentor.


Francoise Meunier, Director General of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer, received her medical degree (1974, summa cum laude) from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and completed her research fellowship at the memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York in 1977-1978 (Fulbright award).

She holds a Master’s Degree from the ULB in both Medical Oncology (1976) and Internal Medicine (1979), and earned her PhD (Agrégé de l'Enseignement Supérieur) in 1985 at the ULB.

She is also certified as a Pharmaceutical Medicine specialist by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine in the United Kingdom as well as in Belgium and has been a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom since 1994.

The EORTC is a unique pan-European academic clinical research organization operating as a non-profit association under Belgian law with the mission to develop, conduct, coordinate and stimulate high-quality translational and clinical research to improve the standards of patient cancer care by developing innovative drugs and more effective therapeutic strategies.

Françoise Meunier has led the coordination and administration of all EORTC activities since 1991 with the mandate to promote the EORTC as a major European organisation in the field of oncology with a network of 2,500 oncologists in over 300 universities and a Headquarters staff of 160 representing 17 different nationalities. As Director General, she is responsible for the organisation of scientific activities, public relations and medium-term EORTC strategy as defined by the EORTC Board.

Before joining the EORTC in 1991, Françoise Meunier was Head of the Infectious Disease Department at the Institut Jules Bordet in Brussels, Belgium and her personal area of research included mainly Invasive Fungal Infections in Cancer Patients. She has over 150 peer-reviewed published articles and is a member of numerous international oncology scientific societies. She is a member of the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine (Académie Royale de Médecine de Belgique) as of the year 2006.

Françoise Meunier was also awarded the Belgian Laureate “Prix Femmes d’Europe 2004-2005”.



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